Lam Vien Planning

Orientation embellishment of Lam Vien
Must keep the original nature of the Forest Park, the green lung of the city. The total amount of trees after project implementation will have to be greater than the total amount of trees prior to project implementation.

For Forest Park brings values ​​to the community, harmonious and sustainable development. Avoid letting Lam Vien become a wasteland in the heart of a developing city.

The place where residents rest, cultural exchange, promote folk cultural values ​​because the Forest Park area is now a new center when the city develops. A place where visitors can enjoy the typical taste of Daklak

To ensure the nature of the Forest Park, Do not build works within the Forest Park, architectural objects here are just works of art. Service works are made in the form of steel structure kiosks, without foundations, and can be moved.

Minimize the project's impacts on existing projects, on existing statuses in the area.

Preliminary design Lam Vien
Fence wall combined with reliefs

Restricting the conservation and embellishment of the Forest Park is a fence built with solid walls. It is covered with reliefs depicting the process of formation and development as well as the heroic struggle against foreign invaders of the Daklak ethnic minorities.

The painting also shows the epics such as Dam San, Xing Nha, Dam Di, Khinh Du, Dam Tiong, Dam Giao, Dam Rao ... of the Ede people and the epics of De Tiang, Bong - Rong and Tiang. , Ndu visited Tiang, Floodwater, fishing in Lau Lach lake, Tiang sold basketry ... of the M'nong ethnic group and famous epics of many other ethnic groups living in Daklak such as epic Mo Muong, history Thai contest.

This relief has a height of 2.5m, overall length of 1576m. Starting from the corner of Giai Phong Street - Ha Huy Tap, around the extended Ton Duc Thang Street, ending the picture is the corner of Ha Huy Tap - Pham Hung Street, the picture depicts from left to right the contents over time from past to present.

There is a walkway along the relief wall so that visitors can see all of the paintings. The walkway is about 8m from the picture. Within this 8m range is a water channel with a small depth (about 50cm) so that pedestrians do not touch the painting, to protect the painting from being painted or damaged. On the other hand, relief is reflected in the water surface will increase aesthetic efficiency.

At pedestrian crossings through functional spaces, this walkway will blend into functions such as a sand playground or the coffee world.

Promenade park area
Promenade Park area includes promenades, benches, monuments, reliefs. Here people can take pictures, play, ride a bicycle, read a book under the trees ...

The pedestrian street is paved with natural stones put together.

Large monuments are placed on high pedestals, visible from afar. The positions of monuments are the ending positions of the respective routes. Giving the monuments a far-sighted view, the end of the routes Nay Phao, Le Trong Tan, Kim Dong, Ly Chinh Thang, and the boundary line between Dam San Intermediate and Intermediate School.

The image of the monuments is expected to be the characters of the myths of the Central Highlands, the National Heroes of the Central Highlands, the typical images of the Central Highlands such as Elephant, Gong Gong, Tomb statues. The material of the monument is copper emulsion-painted concrete to ensure sustainability and achieve economic efficiency.

The small reliefs are made of wood in folk style made by young sculptors; The aim is brings the era's soul into the traditional sculptural values.

The reliefs are representations of pottery of the Ede Bih people, the patterns on the baskets, brocade textiles of the Ede, M'Nong ... and sculpture of stairs and pillars , floor rafters, Ede Kpan chairs.

World Childhood Zone
At the stump locations, a protective tank will emerge. At the remaining positions, sand is spread with a thickness of about 20cm to serve as the foundation for the childhood entertainment space. In this space, teenagers can participate in collective games such as ferris wheel, seesaw, slide, ...

Folk Games Zone
Organizing traditional games, including both traditional and modern games, games of the Central Highlands ethnic groups as well as the whole country, such as tug of war, centipede, blowing bubbles, kicking bubbles, umbrellas eating mandarin, reenactment of battles, stories from legendary epic.

The folk game area is divided into perpendicular grid cells, and the grid center camp is where the game takes place. At the edge of the grid is a place where people watch and cheer. The base of the bamboo grass growing area makes it easy to accommodate a variety of activities. Sculptures and tall trees will be planted in distribution positions to provide shade for the lower yard.

In the folk games area, there will be mobile kiosks selling food and souvenirs, for the participants.

Lam Vien Square
Being the central area of ​​the embellishment of the new Forest Park, this area has a depth of 100m and a width of 200m. In the middle, there is a very large and unique symbol of Gong bronze to attract the vision from afar. In the square, trees, water surface, walkways, long benches are arranged in order to diversify space, creating a beautiful landscape to attract as the central point. Small festivals and medium-sized activities can be held here. In addition, it is possible to organize outdoor activities such as movement launching ceremony, gathering point before trips, ...

On weekdays this square area acts as a part of the park. There are 3 large monuments arranged symmetrically near the relief wall, there is a large lake, and the system of small fountains will spray water on holidays. The lake is paved with round pebbles to make the lake border. The grasses are planted interwoven to create a diversity of landscape.

World Coffee Zone
Where Buon Ma Thuot's coffee brands converge. Here will arrange coffee tables, chairs, mixing table. Coffee will be provides for free (full time or at certain times) so visitors can come for a drink. The purpose is to create the excitement of this space.

Folk festival area
Folk festivals will be reappeared in the Folk Festival area below the dome icon. The semicircular symbol is both symbolic and structural for hanging objects in a performance or for erecting light roofs when needed.

Below the half-prayer symbol is a circular stage, where festivals perform. The artists will perform on the stage in the middle, the audience will stand around to watch.

Folk festival area reappears folk festivals and rituals such as. Examples of agricultural rituals: Ceremony for the new upland season, New Year's celebration; New rice celebration; Rice ceremony; New meal ceremony; Rain praying ceremony; Water wharf worshiping ceremony; Rice warehouse closing ceremony; and festivals related to the community such as buffalo stabbing ceremony; Elephants racing Festival; Gong festival; Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival; Grave removal ceremony;

Folk Music Area
In the folk music area, there are house frames, stylized house structures of ethnic groups in the Central Highlands. There will be folk music activities such as singing khan, ding buot, Đing year (often used to blow Ei-rei song, in festivals such as new rice celebration, rain praying ceremony ... .), flute, drum ...

Gong Chieng Cultural Area
Large and tall columns of symbols carry a crude sculpture, creating a focus for activities. Each group of gong festivals or activities will be held below the column. The large column size creates a solemn, attractive point for activities below the column.

In addition to the gong festivals, in the Gong Chieng Cultural Area, there are also other activities such as displaying, processing and adjusting the gong. The gong-setting artist will correct the gongs. Gongs and gongs will be on display in this area and can be sold as souvenirs to tourists. Visitors can observe the process of transforming from an original gong to an adjusted gong, how to contribute sound to the set, understand the value that artists in the Central Highlands have blown soul into. gongs.

There is a display cabinet made of stone, storing images and artifacts to show the processing and manipulation of gongs, appearances of organizing gong festivals for visitors and people to visualize the special identity in the festival of gongs. The display section will gather all the gongs of K'nah (Ede), Goong la, Goong pế, Goong lu (M'nong), Arap (Xe Dang, Jrai) and Van Kieu, Muong and Thai gongs.

System of monuments
The monument is distributed throughout the Lam Vien Creation Area. The purpose of the monuments is to create end points for the routes. The routes towards Lam Vien always end with a monument of high artistic value. From all the roads to Lam Vien, every route can see monuments and sculptures.

The purpose is to enhance the importance of the Forest Park area, turning Lam Vien into a new landscape center of Buon Ma Thuot urban area.

Trees in the Embellishment area
Trees in the embankment area consist of two parts: trees and shrubs.

Trees are trees with tall canopy, straight trunk, creating shade, but not blocking the view of the space below. In addition, trees in the embellished area are selected fruitless trees to not attract flies and mosquitoes, do not deciduous seasonally to keep the bottom sanitary to reduce the effort to care and clean the ground.

The shrubs in the embellished area are scattered according to the landscape. The shrubs were selected according to aesthetic criteria, no thorns, no chlorosis, and essential oil plants to repel harmful insects and animals. Plants that repel insects such as lavender, white daisies, ... plants that repel snakes like tiger's tongue, pink flowers, ...

Service infrastructure area
Located near the main square to organize functions of public hygiene, lighting control, sound control of public announcements, technical space for electricity and water. The service area is located at a square that satisfies the following conditions: the central location is easy to serve, hidden from view.

The lighting section uses lights located at the edge of the sidewalk close to Lam Vien, in addition, lights buried in the ground are used to shine on the canopy, lights to shine on reliefs, lights below the surface. water to show during festivals when water is sprayed. The entire electrical system is underground in the ground.

The sound system has underground wires, the speakers are hidden in architectural images. When using background music or public announcements, create pleasant, distributed environmental noises.