Bac Ninh Worker House

Residential area
In the residential sub-area, the units are arranged with apartments from the 2nd to the 4th floor. On the first floor, service facilities, kindergartens, trade union supermarkets and green playgrounds are linked together into a large area.

According to the vertical structure, the first floor is for services, floors 2-4 are apartments, and the rooftop is technical. Ladders and playgrounds are arranged in the middle and in the gable.

Square area
Promenade Park area includes promenades, benches. Here people can take pictures, play, ride a bicycle, read a book under the trees ...

At the stump locations, a protective tank will emerge. At the remaining positions, sand is spread with a thickness of about 20cm to serve as the foundation for the childhood entertainment space. In this space, teenagers can participate in collective games such as ferris wheel, seesaw, slide, ...