Typical worker housing

Housing needs for workers in industrial zones
In the process of industrialization of the country, the trend of forming concentrated industrial zones is inevitable and contributes greatly to the economic growth of the country. However, at present, there is a contradiction between investment in industrial park infrastructure, particularly industrial parks are focusing on building factories but paying little attention to housing projects and welfare services. benefit for the worker.

Therefore, the current situation is that workers in industrial zones must live in spontaneous rental houses, with no technical infrastructure as well as secured social infrastructure. This leads to many negative problems.

Build a comfortable living environment
The goal of building housing for workers is not only to provide housing for the workers, but also to provide a living environment with full amenities of life such as trees, kindergartens, markets, supermarkets. , health services,…

The Worker Family is central
The proposal for family-centered worker, space organization, and scale calculations all revolve around this goal.

Applying Construction Technology to reduce costs
The proposal uses advanced construction and assembly solutions to reduce construction time and reduce construction costs. When there is a need to build housing for workers, the components will be produced in the factory and delivered to the construction site quickly.

Objective of the plan
Build a good living environment for the Workers
Environmentally friendly, environmental protection, energy saving
To build urban sub-zones in the heart of industrial parks