Market design

Market value identified by CONSID is the part of the mind of the customer, it is the spiritual value. It can be said that a valuable market is a market that most customers will think about when they encounter problems related to the market. That spiritual value of customers dominates the rest of the spirit and material of the market, then new customers come to the market, the market is crowded.

To get the mind of the consumer there are many factors. Some of the main factors can be listed as follows: Small traders know how to sell; Small businesses have a large number of loyal customers; Small businesses have diversified and complete goods; The market is in a convenient location; Convenient market planning; Appropriate in the overall market network. Among the factors that make up the market's value, the small traders are the most important. If the market does not have many good traders, it is difficult to have high value and long term.
HH4 Supermarket 2012

Linh Dam - Hanoi

Lotus Center

Nam Dan - Nghe An

Lotus Center 1

Nam Dan - Nghe An

De Market, Hung Dung

Vinh - Nghe An

Improving Thanh Chuong market

Thanh Chuong - Nghe An